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At Hearing Aids Louisville, we know how important good hearing is so that you can stay connected to your family and friends.

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When you visit Hearing Aids Louisville, we will take great care to ensure you have the best service our experienced team has to offer. We specialize in helping people find the most appropriate hearing aids at a price you can afford.

We offer a range of services to help you with your healthcare needs. We provide hearing tests, programming, all major hearing aid brands, custom earmolds, and batteries.

We will help you find the solutions to all of your hearing care needs. Give us a call today!

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About Hearing Aids Louisville Ky

Hearing Aids Louisville has served the community of Louisville and surrounding areas for many years. We have been helping people hear better so that they can regain their independence. We feel that it is important to develop an honest and caring relationship with our patients.

We combine our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best service possible. We work closely with you to find a personalized solution for your hearing and lifestyle needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services providing a wide range of products, including; hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing repair, and programming. We offer a price guarantee on every product and technology level.

We offer integrity and commitment to our patients. We are passionate in helping you with your hearing healthcare. We strive to deliver customer satisfaction by providing you with the latest hearing aid technology, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service.

Let us be your full service Louisville hearing center. If you have any questions about your hearing healthcare needs, please feel free to call our hearing center. When you are interested in acquiring hearing help, contact Hearing Aids Louisville today and schedule your free hearing test louisville. We can’t wait to help you!

Why Choose Us?

Hearing Aids Louisville is your location for a comprehensive hearing test and consultation. As our patient, your hearing care is our top priority. We are all dedicated to helping you hear better so that you can reconnect with your loved ones and friends.

Do you feel like you are missing parts of conversations? Is it hard for you to hear in a large gathering? Are you feeling isolated and lonely because you can’t hear as well as you used to? Untreated hearing loss to an increase in depression, anxiety, social isolation, and fatigue.

Wearing Louisville hearing aids means rediscovering the sounds you enjoy in life. It can allow you more involvement when getting together with friends and family. Hearing better can help you feel more confident at work, and strengthen your ability to enjoy tv and music and you will be able to hear on the phone.

If you are noticing any of these complications, please don’t hesitate to call today for a free hearing test so that we can see if we can help you get back on the road to better hearing. It’s important to feel a part of the community and to be connected with family and friends.

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Get Your Free Hearing Consultation!

What To Expect

When you come to our office for the first time, you will fill out a questionnaire regarding your medical history and personal information. We will go over your concerns about your hearing loss. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is why you decided to make your appointment.

It’s helpful to have a friend or family member with you during your appointment because they will help play a role in your test.

We will take a look in your ears with an otoscope or video otoscope to make sure there isn’t an accumulation of earwax. If your ear canal looks normal, we will move onto the hearing test, which includes:

  • Tympanometr
  • Puretone test
  • Speech test and understanding
  • Bone conduction test
  • Where sounds are comfortable and uncomfortable

After your test, we will go over your audiogram results and make hearing aid recommendations based on your audiometric data. We take into account your lifestyle and budget.

Our goal at Hearing Aids Louisville is to ensure that we provide you with the best technology within your budget to give you the greatest ability to understand speech in all environments.

Call us today for your free comprehensive hearing test and consultation! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Hearing Aid Styles

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Our Hearing Aid Services

We provide personalized hearing care for all individuals who are curious to determine if they have hearing loss or if they may be in need of hearing aid solutions. We offer the following services:

Quality Hearing Devices

Many of today’s hearing aids are sleek, compact, innovative and offer solutions to a wide range of hearing aid wearers. Hearing aids are available in many different sizes and styles because of advancements in digital technology and miniaturization of the internal components.

Hearing aids worn in the ear are usually custom-fit, based on an impression of the ear. These styles are called: In-the-canal (ITC), completely-in-canal (CIC).

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models sit behind or on top of the outer ear.

Free Hearing Screenings

A free hearing test Louisville is performed to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss.

It also may provide insight into the cause of the hearing loss as well as provide guidance for our audiologist Louisville KY in making appropriate hearing aid recommendations.

Hearing Aid


We service most major brands of hearing aids.

Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in our office and major repairs may need to be sent to the manufacturer.

Our audiologist Louisville can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly.

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

Earwax is normal and helps to keep our ears moisturized and keep debris out of the ear. If you find that you have excess wax or compacted wax, it is important to get your ears cleaned. Our audiologist Louisville Ky can take a look in your ears to see if you need your ears cleaned. Earwax poses a problem for those who wear hearing devices. It can get inside the devices and either block the sound or get into the working parts.

Our hearing specialist louisville can show you how to clean your hearing aids. It is important that you keep your hearing devices clean so that earwax doesn't keep them from working properly. The most common cause of hearing aid malfunction is ear wax accumulating in the hearing aid,

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has many causes and effects when untreated over time. Over 30 million Americans of all ages report having some degree of hearing loss.

Many people can connect themselves to the sounds they love to hear if they choose to use hearing aids.

Our goal is to help anyone who feels they may be experiencing the negative impact of hearing loss in their daily life take the first step toward better hearing.

Hearing Aid Programming

The first step in the hearing aid fitting process is determining the appropriate amount of amplification for your individual hearing loss. We do this by entering the results of your test.

This helps us know how to program your hearing devices. During your fitting appointment, the hearing aid programmer will adjust your Louisville hearing aids. We will schedule you back in a week to see how you are doing with your new devices.

At this appointment the hearing aid specialist may adjust the programming of your hearing aids.

Customer Testimonials

When I was looking for hearing aid stores near me, my friend told me about Hearing Aids Louisville. I was trying to find out how much hearing aids cost and was able to talk to the hearing aid dispenser about the many types of hearing aids that I could get within my budget. I am very happy with my hearing aids Louisville Ky

jill b

I am so glad that I found audiologists near me that were able to give hearing tests near me. He was honest and cared about my concerns.

joshua a

After reading hearing aid reviews, I was able to find a hearing specialist near me that answered my question when I asked, “how much is a hearing aid?” She helped me decide what Louisville hearing aids I could afford.

henry r

About Louisville Kentucky

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky with over 766,000 people. It is well known for hosting the Kentucky Derby every first Saturday in May.

Louisville is important to the shipping industry with the presence of the Worldport global air-freight hub for UPS at Louisville International Airport. Louisville's location at the crossroads of three major interstate highways also contributes to its modern-day strategic importance to the shipping and cargo industry. Louisville is a significant center of manufacturing, with two major Ford Motor company plants and the headquarters of the major home appliance factory, GE Appliances.

The suburbs of Louisville include:

  • Jeffersonville, IN.
  • Clarksville, IN.
  • New Albany, IN.
  • Shively, KY.
  • Saint Matthews, KY.
  • Newburg, KY.
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find hearing aids near me?

There are many hearing aid centers in Louisville. You can find a place that may be located near you by researching the internet or asking your friends who they like to see. You will always find the best hearing aids and great service at Hearing Aids Louisville.

How much are hearing aids?

You can find low cost hearing aids and high price hearing aids, depending on what you are looking for in features, style, and what fits your lifestyle. Our hearing care specialists Louisville KY will help guide you to which hearing aids are best for you.

What hearing aids are best?

Hearing aid brands have their own specialties. Often these are different technologies, but some brands offer products especially for certain hearing situations. None of the major brands are a bad choice. It just depends on what choice is best suited for your hearing. Our audiologist will help you find the hearing aids that will best fit your unique hearing loss.

What are the causes of hearing loss?

There are many ways we can lose hearing. Here are some examples:

  • Aging
  • Loud noise exposure
  • Earwax buildup
  • Ear infection/ruptured eardrum
  • Heredity
  • Some medications

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Changes in hearing are common as people get older. It’s important to pay attention to those first signs. People with untreated hearing loss are more likely to be depressed, feel isolated, and have memory problems later on. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, talk to our hearing aid specialist about getting a hearing test.

What are the different types of hearing loss?

Our hearing aid doctor will perform a hearing test to see which type of hearing loss you have. There are three types of hearing loss. Sensorineural, conductive, and mixed loss.

Sensorineural loss occurs when the inner ear becomes damaged. This loss is the most common type and can be a result of aging, exposure to loud noises, taking certain medications, heredity, or injury.

Conductive loss occurs in the outer or middle ear where sound waves are not able to carry all the way through to the inner ear. Sound may be blocked by earwax. The middle ear may have fluid, infection or a bone abnormality; or the eardrum may have ruptured.

Mixed loss occurs when there is a mixture of both sensorineural and conductive.

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We love serving our community in Louisville. Hearing Aids Louisville has been established for years and we have created great relationships with our patients and their families. Many of our patients refer their friends to us because they know that we focus on integrity and service. The biggest compliment is being told that someone came to our office because we were referred by their friends or family members.

We promise to give you the care that you need when you visit us for your hearing needs. Give Hearing Aids Louisville a call today and let us give you a free hearing test and consultation.

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